Lily Kremp (real name Lilia Melnik) is Ukrainian singer and songwriter. Lily started her music career in 2003 as a frontwoman and guitarist of Ukrainian pop-rock trio called Kremp. Still being a high school student it was the first music experience for Lily. During 10 years of existence Lily's band made a big influence on young Ukrainian bands and was laureat and winner of many Ukrainian and International festivals, played many concert in Ukraine and outside. In 2014 Lily decided to start her solo career and is successfully combining songwriting with work in IT industry as UX/UI Expert.

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January 1, 2016
RIZIN FF World Grand Prix 2015 (BGM The PBJ feat. Lily Kremp)

RIZIN FF World Grand Prix 2015 (BGM The PBJ feat. Lily Kremp)

Japan, Saitama Super Arena, Dec 31, 2015. My voice was sounding at RIZIN Fighting Federation World Grand Prix 2015 as background music. Songs are: "Under the Streetlights" (The PBJ feat. Lily Kremp; Album "Luminosity Abundance") "Rising Higher" (The PBJ feat. Lily Kremp; Album "Luminosity Abundance") These songs you can also buy on iTunes and Amazon

October 10, 2015
The PBJ's New Album "Luminosity Abundance" released on Oct 7th, 2015
Two songs of the PBJ feat. Lily Kremp

The PBJ's New Album "Luminosity Abundance"

Cooperation with the world level EDM artists from Japan The PBJ (Eiichi Saeki) is showing its results already!
New Album "Luminosity Abundance" was released on Oct 7th, 2015.
Lily Kremp and different singers from all over the world participate in album.
Two songs of Lily Kremp are included in album: "Under the Streetlights" and "Rising Higher". "Rising Higher" was created together with The PBJ in 2013. "Under the Streetlights" was initially created as the remix on Lily's song, but it turned out to be awesome so it was decided to be included in album as independent song together with "Rising Higher".

Songs now available online! Buy now!

Under The Streetlights (feat. Lily Kremp)
The PBJ [ LuminosityAbundance ]

Rising Higher (feat. Lily Kremp)
The PBJ [ LuminosityAbundance ]

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Buy now! "Under the Streetlights"
The PBJ (feat. Lily Kremp)

Buy now! "Rising Higher"
The PBJ (feat. Lily Kremp)

The PBJ - Under The Streetlights (feat. Lily Kremp)

The PBJ - Rising Higher (feat. Lily Kremp)

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Dandelion Boy

Dandelion Boys are very rare but very selfish creations. They live somewhere in other Galaxy but always stay my Muse and my Melody. PS Thank you my dear friend Anna for helping me to shoot this video. Love you! ^^

Star Saving Boat

Public Pub 18/03/2011. Star Saving Boat every night sails in the sea. Far away, you'll not see. Star Saving Boat is a boat which is saving fallen stars from the sea.

Ласкава (Loveliest)

24.06.2011. "Public Pub" I'll be the love-love-love-loveliest ever! This song was composed in 2009 year. The name of a song is "Laskava" in Ukrainian Language and means "tender, kind, lovely, nice, affectionate".

Where the River Starts

Close your eyes, imagine you're not here but somewhere. Where the sky is higher and the love in the air. Where the trees in blossom and the smile on his face.


03/08/2013. My dear, it seems that fairies knew you're special Come here, the rainbow is so magical Let's take color pencils and color our road

Under the Streetlights

Acoustic version of the song "Under the streetlight" from the new album of The PBJ "Luminosity Abundance". Under the streetlights, Under the streetlights fell in love, Under the streetlights you have gone, You look so calm, The face so cold, Not sad at all.

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